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SnoreCoach - Sleep Position Coach

$ 98.00

SnoreCoach helps people dramatically reduce snoring. Like an "electronic elbow", SnoreCoach takes the place of a sleep partner who elbows or does a “face-push”, trying to get you to roll over and stop snoring. It is a small wireless device that works hand-in-hand with SnoreTrack and coaches you to change positions if you start to snore. SnoreCoach clips onto your sleep shirt over your collar in the center of your back and vibrates when you are snoring.  Snorers very quickly become trained to change sleep positions – reducing or eliminating incidents of snoring.  The SnoreCoach device uses Bluetooth Low-Energy communications and can last for more than a year without a battery replacement.  How SnoreCoach works: SnoreCoach continually tracks your body position as you sleep and communicates with the SnoreTrack app on your Apple or Android device. If you are on your back and snoring, SnoreTrack tells your SnoreCoach device to Buzz, prompting you to roll to a different position. Users typically don't even know that they have been "buzzed", but in the morning are able to see on SnoreTrack that they snored, they were buzzed, they changed position, and they stopped snoring. Sleep partners are relieved.